Monday, 1 November 2010

A mood board each day this week: Mondays Moodboard

After spending pretty much a week or so of freelance contributing, this week HAS GOT to be dedicated to my own designing, starting with pulling my research together for my new project. Say hello to todays moodboard. I think for the first time ever (really - this is something I got marked down on at uni for three years) I won't be including annotations to this project. I'll let the textures, colours and shapes speak for themselves and explain the concept. Here we go.... (exciting!)

Report on Design Event : Exquisite Corpse

Helen Stevens/SurfacePhilia reports on Design Event : Exquisite Corpse for Arts Thread.

Exquisite Corpse is an international exhibition staged and curated in Newcastle by Newcastle design studio SUMO. 36 international designers and illustrators have their visual conversations brought to life in a large scale graphical installation.

The showcase takes inspiration from the surrealist parlour game of the same name. Like a visual game of Chinese whispers, the first artist is given a word and told to represent that word through drawing an image. This drawing is then passed onto the next artist with no explanation of what the image represents. Each artist in turn has to base their piece on what they interpret the previous image to be about. The end result being something extremely uneducated, yet full of each individual’s confidence and very thought out creative ideas. The pieces are presented in bundles of five and end up telling quite comical and surreal thought processes.