Thursday, 26 May 2011

Long time, no post!

I haven't blogged for so long I'm feeling a bit guilty... but now that lecturing has finished (again) I'm able to get my head down and focus, not that I havent been busy with designing - just not had the time to log what I've been up to.

So I'll start with a fun collaboration I did a month or two ago with UK born, Malaysia living, international based, portrait photographer Johnny Mc.George who describes his work as "real, raw and sometimes risqué" (I'd say MOSTLY risqué), photographing beauties of the natural, unusual and alternative type...

His highly profiled latest project 'Girls. And Money' has made it into book form with selected photographs as well as hitting the Big Apple itself New York, with a solo exhibition of his works.

I was asked by Johnny to select any one of his photographs and do my illustrative thang as a part of the project. Feathers, obviously, just had to be done.

As well as my input, the superwickedawesomecool Sheffield based illustrator Nick Deakin(.com) was also asked to apply his styley hand on a photograph of choice - which strangely was the same choice as mine, Nick kindly swapping.

Both illustrations can will be showcased at the NY show and also featured in the book which you can buy from Johnny direct - just look for 'Girls. And Money' on FB. Just a word of warning - it is not for the easily offended! Nudey womenzzzz are Johnny's topic of favour.

Images and illustrations full copyright so please do not copy any for I will chop your fingers off :D x

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