Thursday, 27 January 2011

Anthropologie. Shop report. hhhuuuUUUUUuuummm...

My first proper blog post of the year!! Ive been so busy getting Designers Marketplace planned for the year and also launching my own homeware collections. Ive just returned from London for a few days having helped out at the 
Arts Thread Connect event at the V&A.

Of course I had to pay Anthropologie on Kings Road a visit, would have been rude not to. I'd travel to London just to pay this shop a visit if I didnt have other reasons to travel down so often. Anyway... take this post as a kind of shop/ product trend/ pattern inspiration/ concept, report. Excuse the dodgy shots - aged 30, I had to revert back to cheeky student mode running around with no flash on.

 Artist Thamarat Phokai's work on display and for sale in the
Anthropologie exhibition section.

 Window display being used as a giant moodboard/ concept board with objects cellotaped up. Beautiful print on the dress too.
 Thin panels of wood hanging from rope. Sectioning off display areas without blocking the view across the shop or reducing the size and open-ness of the store.

 Patchwork and applique cushions - lots of tribal and rustic themes running throughout.
 Heavy print and pattern details across all of the homeware sections. A theme of florals, ethnic and birds featured throughout ceramics.

 I like the title of this book!! Kind of justifies the messy hoarding of being a designer!
 Wallpaper designs to buy by the roll...

 Photographic imagery used on bland furniture to make the chair more contemporary.
 More birds.... hand embroidered owls (my favourite bird!)

 Woven, knotted, plaited neck pieces... which I would have bought except my purse was just about to fall out with me.
 Anthropologie shop interior. Interior garden with waterfall. Concrete moulded wall.
 Shop interior wall feature. Small porcelain mini-bowl type things, nailed to a wooden wall panel. Very cute.

 More birdies!! Beautiful print on unusual decorative jug.

 Shop interior. Shredded pieces of fabric hung from a thin rope and trailed around creating a section.

 More ethnic pattern within soft furnishings...
 Letters seem to be a favourite for this shop...

 Shop interior feature/ installation. Creating a large geometric net like frame. Made from thin sticks of wood and metal sheeting. 
 Back to basics.... hand painted notebook covers! Very gorgeous!!
 Gypsy floral stationary.
 Ordinary chair decorated with a hand painted oil painting... precious!

These were not in Anthropologie - they were in a shop window somewhere in Knightsbridge. But I had to show them and share my love for BUNNIES!! Especially pink ones ;)

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