Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hollis Brown Thornton...

Tonight I'm just quickly mentioning one of my current favourite artists, Hollis Brown Thornton.

If you don't know his work you should... using a combination of techniques such as transfer, painting, drawing and CAD, his work generates a humble yet innovative feel, and the photographic imagery has that transparent nostalgic hue I'm instantly drawn to. Theres bits of cheeky humour (in the non-naughty sense) peeping through in a few pieces....maybe I shouldnt be saying that.......maybe its not meant to be. But I do like little girls unaware of wearing giant squiggles on their heads, and anything with Chunk chuffle shuffling on, well, thats always going to gain a smile. 

With todays boundary breakdowns between textile and print design for fashion and interiors, illustration, art, craft, graphics and perhaps even photography, as a contemporary print designer myself I find his works something of an inspiration for us all. With feminine and masculine elements, experimental yet sophisticated colour palettes, techniques that make you wonder 'how'...(always the best pieces) and a feeling of nostalgia with edgy - if you will, 'hip' inspiration coming through. Its just mouth watering stuff don't cha thunk!?! 

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