Sunday, 14 November 2010

Report: Northern Print

Report on Northern Print's current exhibitions for Arts Thread by Helen Stevens/SurfacePhilia. As part of Design Event Northern Print, Newcastle’s only studio and gallery dedicated entirely to printmaking, is currently holding their second exhibition of Cinderella Stamps. The show brings together the miniature works of artists who explore whole other worlds through their printed ‘postage stamps’ created for alternative and imaginary places. The exhibition includes the works of established artists such as Ian Hamilton Finlay, Alan Brignull and Andy English.

Northern Print are also currently holding two other exhibitions. New Prints from Northern Print sees a show of six artists and designers, who are not normally recognised for printmaking, who have worked and printed throughout the course of the year at Northern Print. This exhibition highlights the versatility and relevancy of printmaking to contemporary artists today. “If you study any artist, historical or contemporary, you’ll find that the majority have used or explored printmaking in its many forms at some point in their career”.

Matt Stokes, winner of the prestigious Beck’s Future Prize in 2006, shows an exclusive screenprint which was specially commissioned by magazine Bon International (with 50 special issues having a print ‘hidden inside’ for the lucky readers). A brand new limited edition print in collaboration with Hole Editions and Northern Print, is also on display and available for sale.

Cullinan Richards – Charlotte Cullinan together with Jeanine Richards have worked together since 1997, producing work in a variety of medium such as sculpture, film and painting. Their work has recently been selected for the British Art Show 2010. Newcastle-based artist James Hutchinson whose work, which has been shown both nationally and internationally, will be presenting a new print Corral, and a new piece by American artist Rachel Gross.

Catherine Bertola’s screenprinted wallpaper adorns the gallery walls – Blue Babylonica was a special commission for the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff; the work has been recreated and is displayed in the gallery.

Al-Mutanabbi Street Letterpress Broadsides: Al-Mutanabbi Street is the historic centre of Baghdad bookselling, of bookstores and outdoor bookstalls, cafes, stationery shops, and tea and tobacco shops. It was bombed in 2007 and the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition, based in San Francisco sent out a call for letterpress printers to contribute a personal response. The resulting letterpress printed broadsides by poets and artists is on show at Northern print and will be auctioned to raise funds for the charity Médecins Sans Frontières.

Cinderella Stamps and New Prints from Northern Print runs to November 06 2010 and Al-Mutanabbi Street Letterpress Broadsides until November 04 2010 at Northern Print.
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