Monday, 16 August 2010

SURFACE//PHILIA Artist In Residence at We Are Open.

Surface//Philia was artist in residence at the Middlesbrough Council pop-up shop scheme We Are Open, during April-June ‘10. After moving the Designers Marketplace Pop-Up Shop out of the unit the space was then offered to me as an individual artist to work in the empty space for the following two months.

I took this opportunity to continue working on a very large scale. Having always worked in quite an organic way my awareness as a designer has evolved massively and I wanted to begin drawing my fresh exciting ideas into new work. My loyalties and unquenchable thirst for print and pattern is still to remain the key factor, but practising a more ambidextrous and graphic approach is something I've been wanting to try for TOOooooo long. My inspiration for this project has started with looking at costume jewellery for the abstract geometric forms found within the pieces and not concentrating on the whole item making the patterns as unrecognisable and abstract as possible. This is the beginning of what I hope will be a very long and creatively satisfying project!

All of the work below is work in progress and some is old project work which I am detemined to add to and turn into pieces Im happy with, also hoping they might offer a different angle and edge to my new ideas.

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